A Survey of Patients with Inflatable Penile Prostheses for Satisfaction


Purpose:  We assessed patient satisfaction with 3 types of penile prostheses, namely the AMS 700 Series, Mentor Alpha 1, and Mentor Alpha NB.

Materials & Methods:  The subjects consisted of 330 patients selected by stratified, systematic random sampling from among 1,298 subjects undergoing virgin 3-piece inflatable penile implant surgeries performed by the same surgical team at 1 hospital between january 1992 and December 1998.  Data were collected by computer assisted telephone interviewing with a survey developed by the authors.  The survey consisted of 37 questions in 7 sections, including 1 demographic section and 6 patient satisfaction sections.

Results:  Of the 330 patients selected 248 (75%) could be contacted.  Of these, 199 (80%) responded to the full survey and the remaining 49 (20%) agreed to respond only to the questions, :How satisfed are you with the prosthesis?"  Of the 199 full responders 12 (6%) had AMS implants and 187 (94%) had Mentor implants.  Of the 248 patients the overall satisfaction rate was 69%.  Although there was no significant difference at the 5% level in patient satisfaction by implant type, responses tended to favor the Alpha IPPs in terms of overall sexual satisfaction (p=0.058), natural feeling of prosthesis (p=0.061, flaccid appearance of the penis when deflated (p=0.054), and education with demonstration of inflation and deflation (p=0.075).

Conclusion:  There was a high degree of overall patient satisfaction across implant types.

This publication has been peer reviewed.
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Journal Article
Mary Jo Brinkman, PhD
Gerard D. Henry, MD
Steven K. Wilson, MD
John R. Delk, II, MD
George A. Denny, PhD
Michael Young, PhD
Mario A. Cleves, PhD
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Journal, Book, Magazine or Other Publication Title: 
The Journal of Urology
Eilsevier Inc.
Date Published: 
Friday, July 8, 2005
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American Urological Association
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