Session Chair of the 9th annual International Conference of Education.

Session Chair of the 9th annual International Conference of Education.


November 13, 2016 to November 15, 2016


Scholarly Activity Role: 
Organization Name: 
9th Annual International Conference of Education
Role or Title within the Organization: 
Session Chair

Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Managing the Audiovisual Equipment:

Each room will be set with PC computer, projector, screen, microphones, laser pointer and Internet access.


II.  Chairing Session: 

- All speakers will be requested to report to the chair 15 minutes before the session starts, thus allowing you the opportunity to meet each speaker personally.

- The chair should introduce the speakers to the audience. The speakers' biographies will be provided to you at the registration desk during your registration process. 

- Each presentation should last 15 minutes. The suggested time for presentations is 12 minutes and then 3 minutes for discussion. 


Session schedule:

- The chair is responsible for the precise supervision of the timing of the session and should stimulate discussion. This is a very dynamic conference and therefore, times should be strictly respected. 

- The order of the presentations should be respected. It is not possible to shift the presentations or alter their sequence. Attendees plan the talks they want to hear based on the published schedule.

- If the author of a scheduled paper is not present, please do not move to the next paper. You should give the audience the opportunity to pose questions to previous presenters, promote audience discussion or comments to ensure the maximum beneficial use of the 15 minutes of the speaker absence.

- Should any cancellations arise at the end of the session, rather than finishing the session earlier, please devote these 15 minutes to the public to pose questions to the previous presenters in order to promote discussion until the end of the session time.