Management Curriculum Council Member/School of Business

Management Curriculum Council Member/School of Business


August 1, 2010 to August 1, 2014


Scholarly Activity Role: 
Subject-Matter Expert
Organization Name: 
University of Phoenix School of Business
Role or Title within the Organization: 
Management Curriculum Council Member/School of Business

● As a Curriculum developer/Member with the school of business, I integrate new classroom methods and technologies into the program to identify student strengths and weaknesses as part of an on­going program of instructional and curriculum improvement.

● Curriculum Design and Development Experience: Collaborate with school administrators and teachers to design, evaluate and execute 21st century learning environments and instructional framework towards school and course standards, course learning objectives, and adult learning theory. Integrate knowledge of instructional systems design and development models, principles, and practices

● Professional Development: Lead professional development and educational training for teachers and support staff with emphasis on technology in the classroom and based on needs assessment. Maintain a record of trainings. Train staff in using approved technology software, online collaboration tools, and web­conferencing platforms.

● Meeting Administration: Develop agendas, leads meetings, provides reporting mechanisms, and provides timely follow­through and ongoing documentation of professional learning implementation.

● Project Based Management in Educational Leadership: Manage complex projects that require end­to­end analysis, design, development, implementation, and continual improvement of performance support systems and instructional products in face­to­face, virtual, and blended models.