Campus Faculty Assessment Liaison (CFAL)

Campus Faculty Assessment Liaison (CFAL)


February 1, 2014 to February 1, 2016


Scholarly Activity Role: 
Advisory Board Member
Organization Name: 
University of Phoenix
Role or Title within the Organization: 
Campus Faculty Assessment Liaison (CFAL)

● Provide leadership and support to the College/School in the implementation of student learning outcome assessment initiatives within the Campus

● Serve as a Campus resource for faculty, staff, administrators, and students interested in understanding and/or pursuing issues related to outcomes assessment. Facilitate substantive campus discussion and training about assessment of student learning and its connection to improve teaching/learning.

● Work collaboratively with the College/School Dean(s) responsible for Assessment and Curriculum and OLA on the implementation of programmatic student learning outcomes assessment and University Learning Goal (ULG) assessment initiatives at the Campus. ● Coordinate and organizing an annual Learning Outcomes Assessment Report, including recommendations to improve student learning. ● Attend/participate in regional retreats/meetings (quarterly).

● Attend/participate in institutional Assessment Conferences

● Provide ongoing information to the College Dean of Assessment and OLA Assessment Coordinator about major campus assessment activities, e.g., copies of Campus newsletters, fliers regarding major Campus events, meeting minutes, etc., as well as an annual summary status report.

● Disseminate information received from OLA to Campus as appropriate, e.g., meeting announcements, research summaries, provocative articles that might serve as a conversation stimulus for a faculty group or assessment committee, etc.

● Contribute news items and/or short articles to the University of Phoenix assessment newsletter.