Faculty as Targets of Student Cyberbullying

School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix
Ritter-Williams, D., Marrast, C., Mims-Word, M., & Kroposki, M.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Knowledge without Boundaries
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Paper Presentation
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United States
Bullying is an age-old problem. The problem strengthened in both frequency and intensity with the growth of digital communication. Cyberbullying among students has attracted much attention, but students are not the only targets. Preliminary research suggested between 12% and 34% of faculty have also been targeted by student cyberbullying, despite the power differential between students and faculty. Preliminary results will be reported of a correlational study investigating any relationships between certain faculty demographic characteristics and types/frequency of student cyberbullying, emotional/physical reactions of faculty, and faculty responses to the cyberbullying. Participants will be involved in describing any personal experiences as cybervictims and in discussing methods for preventing and responding to cyberbullying.