The Power of Promoting Women in Leadership Through Mentoring and Networking


The Power of Promoting Women in Leadership through Mentoring and Networking features research on the power that mentoring, networking and collaboration can provide in developing and promoting women in leadership. Both the mentor and mentee can benefit from the information presented on traditional, relational, and psychosocial mentoring. In addition, mentors and mentees can learn about various strategies and findings that can help guide their actions and behaviors. Research indicated that the power of networking for women encourages self-advocacy to develop strong networks that can help leverage support for career advancement and professional success. An example of an exemplary mentoring model highlights the success of the Administrative Leadership Academy, to promote women in educational leadership through a collaborative teamwork-oriented approach. This report highlights a successful peer-mentoring model, being developed at The Ohio State University for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career fields. Research is underway at Syracuse University in the Women in Science and Engineering program (WiSE) featuring collaborative teaming, and in another innovative approach to psychosocial mentoring, called CareerWiSE, sponsored by Arizona State University. The research presented provided an understanding of the strategies and processes in mentoring and networking that can help women achieve leadership positions, career advancement, and increased professional commitment to their chosen fields. Mentoring and networking can help women gain understandings of organizational politics, and become reflective, focused leaders in corporate, educational, STEM fields and beyond.

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Book Chapter
Dr. Linda J Gutsch, Dr. Patricia A. Champion
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The Refractive Thinker: Women in Leadership
Volume XI
pp. 75 - 94
The Refractive Thinker Press
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Albuquerque, NM
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Dr. Cheryl A. Lentz
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