Scholastic Success After Attending A Disciplinary Alternative Education Program: A Qualitative Phenomenological Hermeneutic Study

The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological hermeneutic study was to explore the perceptions of lived experiences of six former students who attended a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) in the Hampton City area located in Virginia.  The specific problem was that who returned to their home school after attending a DAEP were likely to repeat failure.  Three themes and two subthemes emerged from the study: (a) Attendance at a DAEP; (b) Challenges incurred after reenrollment; (c) and Successful graduation.  The two subthemes were:  (a) Support systems and (b) Motivation.  Reentry challenges posed to be an outlier identified in the study.  Implications of the findings indicated that students’ attendance at a DAEP was a result of an imminent breach of school board policy of activities that occurred outside of school.  Participants exhibited resilience when they demonstrated and experienced overcoming challenges by having positive assets or resources upon their return to school.  Students became resilient when they established secure strong qualities and recovered from or adjusted to life’s unpleasant circumstances.


Eastern Educational Research Association (EERA)
Dr. Cynthia Rhone & Linda Atkinson
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Friday, February 19, 2016
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EERA Annual Conference
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Paper Presentation
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Westin Resort Hotel
Hilton Head, SC
United States