River Voices

This book investigates seven issues affecting the African American Community


We all have different perspectives on what is occurring in society, based upon our own experiences. River Voices is the authors' perspective on some of the issues that affect the African American community. Too often, we sit on the fence and hope that things will get better or worse yet, fail to acknowledge that something is "wrong". River Voices is an attempt to motivate; we can no longer sit and wait for someone else to solve our problems, unless their problem is the same as ours, nothing will be done. River Voices, speak; echoing the concerns that reside deep inside most of us. Each section contains research, photography and poetry. Topics highlighted include: Blacks in Corporate America, Love and Relationships, Crimes in the Black Community, Teenage Pregnancies, Religion, and Psychological and Domestic Abuse and Personal Development

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Dr. Lillie M. Hibbler
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River Voices: Breaking The Silence
Date Published: 
Monday, October 31, 2011
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United States
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