Increasing Student Motivation and Performance Through Inquiry Based Learning with STELLA Systems Thinking and Simulation Sortware

This article suggests revitalizing Liberal Arts mathematics by creating an environment that promotes high-impact learning opportunities through students’ active engagement in mathematical and scientific inquiry. Section 2 explains importance of integrating inquiry based CPBL in Liberal Arts mathematics. Section 3 introduces strategies of incorporating Systems Thinking and Structural Thinking and Experiential Learning Laboratory (STELLA) as an inquiry based method of learning in Liberal Arts mathematical modeling classes.  Section 4 discusses how to transform traditional classroom into authentic learning environment by integrating the resources of the American Museum of Natural History in the CPBL.  Section 5 discusses effects of the CPBL with STELLA Systems Thinking and Simulations software on student performance and motivation in Liberal Arts mathematical modeling classes.




The effect of Collaborative Project Based Learning (CPBL) on student performance and motivation in undergraduate mathematical modeling classes is investigated. The Inquiry based collaborative learning strategies that incorporate The American Museum of Natural History as a Learning Laboratory and the STELLA Systems Thinking software are introduced. Student performance scores collected from two sections of mathematical modeling class with CPBL component (treatment group) and two sections of mathematical modeling class without CPBL component (control group) demonstrate that bringing real-life context to the undergraduate mathematics classroom through project based collaborative learning improves student motivation and performance, promotes higher order mathematical thinking, and helps student transfer their mathematical knowledge to situations outside the classroom



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Conference Proceedings
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Proceedings of 2014 Hawaii International Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Education
Hawaii University
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Monday, June 16, 2014
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