A futurist approach: Identifying emerging work skills

Using the Foresight to Insight to Action process, 17 experts identified drivers of change and the skills critical for success in the next decade and beyond. Experts identified six key drivers of change and 10 essential workforce skills. Understanding the skills is critical to organizations, educational institutions, and those seeking employment.

The Problem

Rapid changes in technology, employee longevity,      and global connectivity are creating a new paradigm for the U.S. workforce.
Organizational strategy and operations are becoming more complex.
75% of employers believe hiring struggles arise due to employees lack of experience, knowledge, and skills needed to perform the work critical to success.

The Purpose

The purpose of the research was to increase understanding of the workforce skills needed in the next decade.  The workforce skills needed are important to (a) those who educate, hire, and retain the workers of tomorrow; (b) educational institutions who educate the workforce of tomorrow; and (c) individuals preparing to be highly employable in the future.

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Sour, A. J.
Wilson, C.
Miller, L.
Hoffman, S.
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Thursday, April 14, 2016
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Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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Poster Presentation
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Annaheim, CA
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