Four Pillars of Leadership for 21st Century Leadership

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The Four Pillars of Leadership established in this research provides a foundation for 21st Century Leadership that can adapt to the current models of leadership.  The methodology used in this study was a qualitative single case study.  The findings of this study established the four pillars of leadership which are honesty, integrity, humility with self-discipline, and trust.  The size of the group chosen to participate in the study, the time period the study was conducted in, and the area of the country the study was conducted do provide some limitations to the study but do not devalue the findings in any way.  This study originated out of the idea that 21st Century leadership is different than previous leadership ideas and that something new was needed to make 21st Century leadership a successful endeavor.  The value of this study is that the Four Pillars discovered in the research provide that new emphasis.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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2018 KWBA Research Summit
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Paper Presentation
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United States