Is “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” an Ecosystem or Just a Clever Metaphor?: The Case of China

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The peer-reviewed presentation paper was written by Norris Krueger and Lee Nordgren based on ideas from Fiona Sussan. Dr. Krueger managed submission of the paper. Dr. Sussan managed physical presentation of the paper at the conference. Dr. Sussan chose to speak without slides so there is no copy of any presentation slides.

International Council for Small Business
Fiona Sussan
Norris Krueger
Lee Nordgren
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Friday, June 17, 2016
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ICSB 2016 World Conference
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Paper Presentation
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New York, NY
United States
In 2016, China’s support for startups grew to US$388 billion, more than for any other country (Bloomberg 2016, 2015; Oster & Chen 2016). In Premier Li’s 2015 Summer Davos speech, he called for a “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” economic policy for China (Li 2015). Thus, it has become even more important to understand how the entrepreneurial ecosystem is evolving in China. The presentation covers What We Know About Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, then compares Fiona Sussan's proposed model of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Policy in China to the widely-known, traditional view of the "entrepreneurship ecosystem" by Daniel Isenberg (2011). The presentation paper closes with what makes an ecosystem grow and implications for scholars and practitioners.