Employee engagement in 3D virtual learning environments: A digitized HRD Framework Model for leadership and learning.


Technology is changing more rapidly than most companies can implement it.  This chapter presents a digitized Human Resource Development (dHRD) Framework Model that organizational leaders can use to meet the needs of current and future workforces via avatar-mediated learning in 3D virtual learning environments (VLEs).  The dHRD Framework Model leverages 3D VLE technology as a tool to engage employees and achieve strategic objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner for managing people. The dHRD Framework Model can inform practice and advance employee engagement outcomes for effective HR decision-making, which includes legal and ethical considerations for mitigating risks in the 3D VLE. The Theory of Gamification, including psychological theories, provides the lens to explain dynamic learning and relationship building using the dHRD Framework Model to engage employees in the 3D VLE. 

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Book Chapter
LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D.
Kevin Bottomley, Ph.D.
Bridget Arena, M.A.
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Advances in the Technology of Managing People: Contemporary Issues in Business
Emerald Group Publishing
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Monday, October 29, 2018
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Bingley, England
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