Leading Innovation in Higher Education via BlackBoard Ultra LMS Technology"

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Technology-driven education is rapidly changing. To keep up with this environment institutions implement new learning management systems (LMS). A poorly executed LMS implementation can negatively impact the student experience. This innovative practice paper presents study results from a study conducted to examine ways to mitigate student attrition during LMS migrations. The study involved an exhaustive search of the peer-reviewed literature, seminal professional white papers and other documents, along with interviews with similar institutions and vendors, and additional peer-reviewed feedback from interactive presentation discussions at a recent higher education distance learning conference.

Three primary recommendations emerged: (1) Implement new LMS via a staged migration to ensure a flawlessly as possible execution, (2) Generate university-wide excitement and buy-in via a multi-faceted communication strategy, and (3) Improve curriculum via the transition to the new LMS.

Additionally, three areas to evaluate success were identified in using a leadership and learning strategy:

  • Operational effectiveness – Does it work well?
  • User experience – Does it make you feel smart?
  • Knowledge Transfer – Does it advance learning outcomes?



University of Phoenix
Scott Burrus, Greg Bradley, and Melanie Shaw
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Friday, August 10, 2018
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KWB Research Summit
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Paper Presentation
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United States