Demystifying the Big Data phenomena for strategic leadership.

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- Private group -


Presents a strategic leadership perspective for a digital mindset to advance management, inspire innovation, facilitate engagement, and influence positive impact for competitive advantage. 

The important benefit of Big Data is seeing what could not be seen before; hidden ah-hah discoveries within very large data sets (structured and/or unstructured) to analyze and draw insight from what the data reveals. 


In this presentation, Migliore & Chinta use research data from more than 100 C-level executives and anecdotal evidence to integrate company examples from the literature and empirically demonstrate the link between hardware and software technology purchases and the CEO’s leadership to improve performance and create new value for customers using Big Data with Machine Learning practices.


Society for Advancement of Management
Migliore, L.A. and Chinta, R.
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Saturday, April 9, 2016
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International Business Conference, Arlington, VA
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Paper Presentation
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Arlington, VA
United States