Avatar-mediated virtual learning experiences and productive conflict

Nova Southeastern University
Migliore, L.A. & Arena, B.
Presentation Date: 
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Event or Conference: 
The Qualitative Report (TQR) 10th Annual Conference
Presentation Type: 
Paper Presentation
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States
This qualitative case study determines how the phenomenon of cathexis affects productive conflict via avatar-mediated virtual learning experiences in an immersive 3-D virtual space within the Second Life Platform. Conflict is a normal part of workplace relationships. Improving self-awareness about conflict behaviors can assuage destructive thoughts and behaviors for individuals to become productive in results and relationships. Using the medium of an avatar within a 3-D virtual learning environment can mediate the intense energy of emotions and/or ideas that fuel destructive conflict. Participants are asked about what they value during conflict situations such as appearing confident, convincing others, standing up for their point of view, etc. Participants are also asked about their particular cathexis and what drains their energy such as feeling like the argument is going in circles, having to censor everything they say, or being unable to defend adequately their position, etc. This study explores the deeper meaning of automatic thought and behavioral responses when perceived conflict occurs. Data sources include interviews, focus groups, and the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment to achieve triangulation. Anticipated results include new insights into cognitive behavior theory through the use of avatar-mediated experiences.