Welcome! 2019 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit

Knowledge Without Boundaries™

Annual Research Summit

Extending the Reach of the Scholar/Practitioner/Leader

June 10-14, 2019

Virtual Research Conference


The mission of Knowledge Without Boundaries™ is to provide opportunities that enable practitioner faculty, students, and alumni, to develop and achieve their professional research and scholarship goals and, through scholarly leadership, improve the performance of the organizations and communities they serve. The annual research summit is a continuation of this mission and it upholds the intended vision to encourage the formation of communities of scholarship for practitioner faculty, students, and alumni.

This year, the 2019 Knowledge Without Boundaries™ Research Summit is pleased to expand its reach to all practitioner faculty. This includes business and industry partners engaged in applied organizational research. A special invitation is extended to practitioner faculty teaching at Community Colleges across the nation. Through these invitations, the Research and Scholarship Enterprise for the University of Phoenix can serve as the vehicle for all Scholar/Practitioner/Leaders to extend their reach and impact in their respective fields. 

Our Overarching Objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity to engage in an active community of scholarship.

  • To improve the performance of the organizations, communities, and schools served by practitioner faculty, students, and alumni. 

  • To cultivate and sustain a productive community of scholarship to include the production and dissemination of best instructional practices for reaching and teaching the working adult. 

  • To enhance the foundational research and proposal development skills necessary for an engaged practitioner/leader/scholar

  • To inform and illustrate the preparations necessary for planning, preparing, and producing scholarly work.

  • To provide guidance concerning the development of a research agenda as it relates to disciplines of study or fields of inquiry.

  • To develop strategies for writing for publication.

Call for Proposals 

Read the 2019 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit Call for Proposals to learn what tracks are being accepted and when proposals are due.  

Ready to Submit a Proposal? 

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Register for the Summit

Registration for the 2019 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit is currently under development. At this time we have distributed a call for proposals. Please continue to check back on this page as registration information is released. 

KWB Questions

Please submit general questions below in the comment section or to the FAQ page. 
  • Questions can be related to the call or about attending the symposium.
  • A member of OSS will be monitoring this space frequently and will respond to general questions as necessary. 
  • More specific, individual case type questions regarding the call can be directed via email to dproudfoot@email.phoenix.edu. In the subject line write your last name and KWBA 2019 proposal. Commonly emailed questions will be below as a resource to all. 

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