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Virtual, Vast, Varied, Valuable, Vital and Visionary! Knowledge Without Boundaries

KWB Summit is an opportunity equal to a regional or national conference—and can be viewed within the comfort of our homes or offices!

First Time Presenter

KWB made my first solo presenting experience an awesome one! 

Listen, Learn and Discuss (KWB)

Hear about new research studies, and join informal conversations.

The Buzz about KWB

Virtually 'rub elbows' with a large number of researchers, presenters, and conference participants!

Knowledge without boundaries (KWB): Food for thought

What makes a great conference? Scholars, with a lot of really savvy tech support and organizational skills throughout. 

Knowledge without boundaries (KWB): Buckle up for a Virtual Trip

Time well spent for learning and knowledge sharing at KWB virtual research conference.

From CEITR, Dr. David Proudfoot and Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi Published “Scenario-Based eLearning and STEM Education: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Perspective of Educators”

CEITR Research Fellow, Dr. David Proudfoot and CEITR Chair, Dr.

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