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CEITR Research Labs and Teams at 2018 KWB/UOPX Summit

CEITR research teams demonstrated a great presence at 2018 KWB/UOPX summit. Many of the research teams developed their studies within CEITR research labs or special interest groups by integrating the center 5S conceptual model. CEITR researchers presented a total of 31 studies at 2018 KWB summit, 21 studies belonged to a CEITR research lab and 10 studies were individual projects at CEITR. Such a high number of presentations indicate the effectiveness of 5S model used at the research labs and strong dedication, engagement, and collaboration of CEITR researchers. To learn more please visit CEITR Research Labs and Communities.

CWDIR Excellence within the 2018 KWB Virtual Research Summit

Over 400 participants attended the 2018 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit.  This virtual event allowed att

Hospitality at the 2018 Virtual KWB conference

The 2018 Knowledge without Boundaries (KWB) annual conference evolved from a traditional face to face to a virtual ex

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