Soldiers In the Classroom: The Role of the Modern Day Educator in the Social Justice Movement

In light of recent and reoccurring episodes of police violence, the author has conducted research in various schools in Ferguson, Missouri, Cleveland, Ohio, and New York, New York to gain a better understanding of how educators address diversity-related social issues within middle school and high school classrooms. Given the ongoing problem of police violence often targeting youth of color, the study provides a timely inquiry into the topic of how educators are prepared to conduct dialogue with students around these and similar instances. The author presented research study findings on how teachers engage in dialogue with students about diversity-related social issues and how these topics impact their classrooms. Further, teachers reflect on how teacher preparation programs have prepared them for this level of dialogue and how current school administrators support this dialogue within their workplace. 

Presentation Date: 
Saturday, November 4, 2017
Event or Conference: 
National Association of Multicultural Education Annual Conference
Presentation Type: 
Paper Presentation
Presentation Location: 
Salt Lake City, UT
United States