Millennials in Leadership: An Examination of the Practice-Immediacy Model


The Practice-Immediacy model is an interdisciplinary framework of leadership competencies needed, based on transformational leadership theory. This model proposes four basic behaviors and 12 specific skills that leaders need to be successful. The Practice-Immediacy model is situated specifically in the context of leadership development for engaging millennials in leadership roles. The model gets its name from what we term as the dynamic tension between millennials wanting to take on leadership roles more immediately than previous generations in the workplace and the view that leadership takes practice.

Based on a model proposed by Bottomley, Burgess, and Fox (2014), the Practice-Immediacy model encompasses the four basic behaviors of: 1) vision builder, 2) standard bearer, 3) integrator, and 4) developer. These behaviors are further broken down to include 12 specific skills as illustrated in Appendix A.

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Book Chapter
Bottomley, K.
Burgess, S.W.
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Engaged Leadership: Transforming through Future Oriented Design Thinking
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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Joan Marques
Satinder Dhiman
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