Turning Vision into Second Life Reality: A Conceptual Model of Avatar-Mediated Leadership Behaviors

It is not known how U.S. Millennials, who identify either as an "entrepreneur" or as an "aspiring entepreneur," engage in an avatar-mediated-learning experience to turn vision into reality through the application of the Work of Leaders: Vision Alignment and Execution (VAE) process model (Straw et al., 2013) with bio-sensing techniligies.  While much research has been done on the leadership behaviors specific to the VAE process model (Bossidy & Charan, 2002; Norman, Avolia, & Luthans, 2010; and Straw et al., 2013), no studies to date have been done within a virtual learning environment (VLE) using bio-sensing technologies (BT) specific to the VAE process model's application of an entreprenneurial work-related need or situation to turn vision into reality and assess the phenomenon of self-determined learning.

University of Las Vegas Nevada
Migliore, LauraAnn
Bottomley, Kevin
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018
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Conference for Academic Research in Education
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Paper Presentation
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