Developing the Practice-Immediacy Model

Tobias Leadership Center at Indiana University Perdue University, Indiannapolis
Bottomley, K.
Burgess, S.W.,
Presentation Date: 
Friday, April 21, 2017
Event or Conference: 
Tobias Leadership Engagement and Discovery Conference
Presentation Type: 
Paper Presentation
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Indianapolis, IN
United States
The Practice-Immediacy model (Appendix A) is an interdisciplinary scholar-practitioner model that can be used as a leadership development tool and/or a coaching tool. This model is grounded in transformational leadership theory; the model identifies four basic behaviors and 12 specific skills that we propose transformational leaders need. Over the years, we have refined the original model presented by Bottomley, Burgess, and Fox (2014) and situated it within the context of the millennial age group. The Practice-Immediacy model gets its name from what we term as the dynamic tension between the need to practice/hone certain leadership behaviors/skills to be an effective leader and the desire for millennials to take on leadership roles more immediately than previous generations. The authors are proposing a discussion session where we examine the theoretical underpinnings of the Practice-Immediacy model and provide a detailed discussion of the four basic behaviors and 12 specific skills involved in the conceptualization of the model. The authors will present the leadership development and/or coaching aspect of the model with the group focusing on early applications and results from those applications. Then the authors will conduct a question and answer session with the audience, while seeking input on the proposed model. The input from the audience will be used to further refine the model and gain perspectives on empirically testing the model for future application.