Discovering a Cultural System Using Consumer Ethnocentrism Theory

Inspired by Orth and Firbasova (2003). The role of consumer ethnocentrism in food product evaluation. Agribusiness, 19(2), 137-153.


Culture and consumer behavior are systems worthy of research and exploration.
Consumer behavior is an element of a multifaceted system of supply and demand; with
stakeholders engaged to varying degrees within the dynamics of the system. The systemic
practices of the stakeholders of a particular systemcan be varied; in this research, the CETSCALE
developed by Shimp and Sharma J Mark Res 24:280–289 (1987) was modified to testWisconsin
residents’ loyalty to local vs. imported beer. The research showed not only ethnocentric tendencies
of the study participants, but also their cultural behavior as part of the system for these
products in Wisconsin, USA. This manuscript is inspired by Orth and Firbasová Agribusiness
19(2):137–153 (2003), The Role of Consumer Ethnocentrism in Food Product Evaluation

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Systematic Practice and Action Research
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Monday, February 19, 2018
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