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Bibliometrics is an important current objective methodology in Library and information sciences

for studying work completed by researchers. Understanding the impact of textbooks, reserved

readings, and other published materials on the dissertations of graduate students can be of

significant value for evaluating the curricular design of a program. Our study used the standard

library information services processes to explore and describe the patterns of resource use by

recent doctoral graduates to support recommendations for the University’s collections

management related to the program. Our descriptive statistics describe interesting patterns of

use in dissertations and published student papers.

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Book Chapter
Holly Rick
Kelley A. Conrad
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: Information traces from Assigned Readings: A Bibliometric Study of the Residual effects of Assigned References on major Student Projects and Professional Work in a Doctoral Program
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Association of College and Research Libraries
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Chicago, IL
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M. Britto
K. Kinsley
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