The perceptions of pre-service teachers' intercultural responsiveness


The qualitative phenomenological research study used narrative inquiry to investigate the perceptions of five pre-service teachers’ intercultural responsiveness, in reference, to their teacher education program. Participant interviews were analyzed using the Creswell (2012) six step method for analyzing phenomenological studies. Findings from this study affirm that pre-service teachers feel inadequately prepared to teach English language learners. Other findings include field experiences, specific ELL instruction, and experiences shared by professors are vital to a teacher education program. Further, positive dispositions and being aware while responding to incorporate cultural differences is the key to achieving intercultural responsiveness. The research presented in this study provides teacher education programs with strategic ESL components to equip pre-service teachers as they enter the teacher workforce. It is believed that these pre-service teachers will continue to strive for the best and become more aware about ELLs. These pre-service teachers are the ones who will be teaching the most cherished students, English language learners. 

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Jones, K.
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The perceptions of pre-service teachers' intercultural responsiveness
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013
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UMI 366202
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NCPEA Morphet National Dissertation Award