Looking at IT and Business Alignment from the Stone Age of Information Technology


This article uses seminal and contemporary literature from 1980s till 2012. It captures issues of processes, alignment and trails patches of the issues for every tri-decade. Tri-decade analysis will be organized by researching issues from beginning of a decade, moving along to mid-decade leading towards the closing of a decade. This approach will be done for three decades in a similar manner. After the collection of issues, the issues will be analyzed and put in prospective for practitioner and researchers to consider an implementation or continue research to build on the topics. Furthermore, the article will touch on why alignment still hasn’t concurred with Business and IT, and a prospective solution will be presented with a framework solution, with a further research section.

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Journal Article
Hammad Haq, Caroline Howard & Kathleen M Hargiss
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IGI Global
Date Published: 
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Place Published: 
Hershey, PA
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DOI: 10.4018/ijsita.2013070104