Servant Leadership and Followership: Examining the Impact on Workplace Behaviour


The focus of this chapter is a review of how effective decision-making works for followers in servant-led organizations, the role of consensus leadership, and how conflict resolution is addressed in a servant leadership environment.  Current literature is routinely used to examine servant leadership practices from the leader perspective only with little consideration given to the follower perspective.  Benefits to a follower of a servant leader include greater empowerment, evolved problem solving skills, enhanced collaboration skills, and the development of effective communication skills.  This chapter examines key processes from the follower lens. The authors explore how a follower-centric framework empowers followers to constructively and collaboratively approach conflict to arrive at higher quality decisions in servant-lead organizations. 


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Book Chapter
Julie A. Overbey
Pamela A. Gordon
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Moving from Power to Empowerment in Decision-making
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Crystal J. Davis
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