The Impact of Organizational Culture and Perceived Organizational Support on Successful Use of Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR)

Within the realm of organizational development and change management, the implementation of an integrated electronic healthcare record (EHR) leads to numerous functions being created to assist healthcare professionals with improving healthcare delivery (Silow-Carroll, Edwards, & Rodin, 2012).  Developing a culture where employees perceive organizational support may lead to a successful implementation of an (EHR).  The terms perceived organizational support and leader support are the level of support an employee perceives an employer provides within an organization and are synonymous in this study.  The term organizational culture relates to the concepts of clan, market, hierarchy, and adhocracy cultures for this study. 


A significant correlation existed between organizational culture, which includes the concepts of clan, market, hierarchy, and adhocracy cultures (predictor variables), and perceived organization support (criterion variable) among physicians and nurses within the Military Health System (MHS) undergoing a successful implementation of a new Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR).   Those who perceived their organization to have a clan culture perceived greater organizational support, while those from hierarchy and market cultures tended to perceive less organizational support.


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Journal Article
Dr Julie Ballaro and Dr Elaine Washington
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Organization Development Journal
Organization Development Journal (ISOD)
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Sunday, May 1, 2016
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