Standing (Out)side of the Circle: The Politics of Identity and Leadership in the Life of a Black Lesbian Professor

Black Women and Social Justice Educationexplores Black women’s experiences and expertise in teaching and learning about justice in a range of formal and informal educational settings. Linking historical accounts with groundbreaking contributions by new and rising leaders in the field, it examines, evaluates, establishes, and reinforces Black women’s commitment to social justice in education at all levels. Authors offer resource guides, personal reflections, bibliographies, and best practices for broad use and reference in communities, schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Collectively, their work promises to further enrich social justice education (SJE)―a critical pedagogy that combines intersectionality and human rights perspectives―and to deepen our understanding of the impact of SJE innovations on the humanities, social sciences, higher education, school development, and the broader professional world. This volume expands discussions of academic institutions and the communities they were built to serve

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Book Chapter
Judy A. Alston (chapter author)
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Black Women & Social Justice Education: Legacies and Lessons
SUNY Press
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Friday, February 1, 2019
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S. Y. Evans, A.Domingue, & T. D. Mitchell
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