Boston Engineering Case Study

This case study explores how an innovative tech company finds and retains creative people as well as building successful relationships with customers.


The Boston Engineering Case Study is referenced throughout several chapter in the book. This book examines the role of corporate culture in the execution of successful strategies for diversity and innovation. It explores how information is communicated across real organizations and how diversity impacts the effectiveness of the communication. As modern communication becomes more challenging within diverse groups, the varying content and contexts must be considered. Communications across a diverse organization requires thought and understanding. Further, though a workforce may be diverse, it may not properly function. Effective and creative leadership is needed to employ a diverse workforce for the greatest impact on company culture and performance. With its model and case studies illustrating how diversity helps shape corporate culture, this book serves as a valuable resource for HR researchers and scholar-practitioners.

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Book Chapter
Andrea Taylor and Josephine Hauer
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Effective and Creative Leadership in Diverse Workforces: Improving Organizational Performance and Culture in the Workplace
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Friday, February 1, 2019
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Bethany Mickahail
Carlos Tasso de Aquino
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