Public Health Seattle-King County and CDC Lead Awareness Project

Public Health Seattle-King County and CDC Lead Awareness Project


January 7, 2018 to September 30, 2018


Scholarly Activity Role: 
Organization Name: 
Public Health Seattle-King County Environmental Health Services (EHS)
Role or Title within the Organization: 
Contractor providing EHS Project Team Data Evaluation and Support

Dr. Johnnie McKinely, dba as The JMA Group will provide data collection and analysis services and the EHS Team develops a collaborative project and outreach plan for five community based organizations (CBOs) to increase awareness of lead poisoning and prevention specific to underserved and disadvantaged populations.  The capacity building plan for the targeted communities will help populations develop abilities to address concerns, barriers and mitigation methods beyond the scope of the project. The project also seeks to build communities' capacities to engage in advocacy for policy changes.

From January 2018 through September 2018, JMcKinley will work with the six CBOs to develop their collaborative outreach plans, engagement and data collection tools, collect and analyse the project outcomes data and develop a report for results for the Seattle-King County Public Health EHS Team and the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA.