How does Perceived Discrimination Affect Latinas’ Subjective Career Success? The Mediating Roles of Increased Work-Family Conflict and Decreased Organizational Commitment


This study investigated the relationships between perceived discrimination, work-to-family conflict, organizational commitment, and subjective career success of 518 Latina business professionals. Specifically, the current study tested and found support for a serial mediation model whereby perceived discrimination increased work-to-family conflict which then decreased organizational commitment; ultimately having the effect of decreasing subjective career success. The two mediators explained 79% of the relationship between perceived discrimination and subjective career success. Additionally, the overall model explained 10% of the variance in subjective career success. These findings help to identify mechanisms that undermine Latina Professionals’ perceptions of career success as a result of perceived discrimination.


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Conference Paper
Donna Blancero, Jill Lynch Cruz, Ryan Jacobson, Kathryn Jacobson
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Academy of Management Showcase Symposium
Session #1721 (GDO, CMS, OB) Diversifying Leadership: Perspectives from Women of Color in the US, India, and South Africa
Date Published: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
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