Enterprise 2.0: Social Networking Tools to Transform Your Organization

Enterprise 2.0 (E 2.0) has caught the collective imagination of executives who are innovating to radically change the face of business. E 2.0 takes full benefit of social networking, including blogs, discussion boards, mashups, and all that is sharable and combinable.

Examining organizations and their social activities, Enterprise 2.0: Social Networking Tools to Transform Your Organization considers the complete spectrum of social media and social activities available to your business. It not only offers a hands-on, practical assessment of "what to do," but also "how to do it." Demonstrating how to utilize social networking within diverse functional areas, the book:

  • Describes the functions of social networking in the context of today's enterprise
  • Details how to make the best use of blogs, discussion boards, and workspaces in an organizational setting
  • Supplies a complete discussion on how to prepare staff for social enterprising
  • Explains how to measure and manage social networking

This book includes discussions of social networking in enterprise activities such as human resources, risk management, operations, and project management. It describes the utility and role of social networking on a department by department basis, explains how to integrate social enterprising with knowledge management, and supplies helpful insights into legal, performance, and measurement issues. Touching on key security and privacy issues, the book clearly illustrates how social networking and E 2.0 can help improve risk management in your organization.

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Jessica Keyes
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Enterprise 2.0: Social Networking Tools to Transform Your Organization
Auerbach Publications
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012
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New York
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