Career professionals’ reflections on exposure to early music training: A narrative inquiry


The value of music education in nurturing the whole child development is increasingly evident as research supports the benefits of incorporating music education into the school curriculum. This study specifically explores the influence music education had on eight purposively selected individuals. A narrative inquiry approach was used to explore and describe the stories of eight career professionals from several different fields who had a positive early music experience in the United States K-12 school, college, and/or other forms of formal music education focusing on their perceptions of how the experiences informed professional careers. The character traits of persistence and focus, the behaviours of discipline and goal orientation, and a way of being expressed through passion and a level of satisfaction in life adventures surfaced as major themes. The stories provided additional insights and knowledge on the potential value of music education in shaping professional success. The findings from this research support the importance of the inclusion of music education into early life experiences to enhance and enrich the personal and professional lives of individuals.

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Journal Article
Jennifer Calito
Rita Hartman
Liston Bailey
Elizabeth Johnston
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nternational Journal of Lifelong Education
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