The Web-Based Creativity Model©: A New Approach for Creativity Integration to Achieve Industry and Learning-Organization Competencies in Online Graduate Classes.


The focus of this article is a new approach to incorporate creativity in online graduate classes. A new model concept, the Web-Based Creativity Model©2012 Perlman, DeNigris&Muirhead  (W-B Creativity Model©) is proposed as a guide in developing strategies. The W-B Creativity Model© concept is based on the application of web-based technology tools to a new creativity-domain concept: the online-class-creativity (OCC).  Critical components of creativity and online learning objectives are integrated into three domains: (1) Student-Class Interconnectedness Creativity, (2) Integrative-Use of External Resources Creativity, and (3) Problem-Solving Creativity. An overview of how the new model might be used is discussed.  The model concept is illustrated in Figure 1. Details of the proposed OCC domains are shown in Table 1. Technological relevance to contemporary learning and communications delivery is an emergent requirement of online courses. There is a gap in the literature on strategies to use web-based current and emergent technology to facilitate classroom creativity. Course content-developers, faculty and industry trainers may be able to use the W-B Creativity Model© as a strategic guide to meet this emergent technology requirement. Included in the article are analyses of creativity definitions and research; creative applications of technology web tools (including web 2 and web 3); and competing issues of online learning organization-driven and industry-required competencies (i.e. online learning outcomes). 

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Journal Article
Jean Perlman
Brent Murihead
John DeNigris III
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International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
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