Leadership in Climate Destabilization Education

As members of a workforce come from many disciplines and areas, it is important to be able to attain and use accurate and updated statistics/data to measure the imapce of Climate destabilzation on climate, commerce, economy, culture, etc.  This presentation demonstrated how to use this information and other resources to be a strong leader.

Florida Association of Science Teachers
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Friday, October 21, 2016
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Science is FUNdamental, Relevant and Engaging
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Universal Orlando
Orlando, FL
United States
There are numerous reports, TV programs, cinemas, etc., that discuss Climate Destabilization. Disputes about data and its interpretation have created a minefield for teachers to wade through to find accurate and timely information to bring into their classrooms. Ideas to turn this data into a meaningful framework that can increase student engagement and achievement are sometimes difficult to find and time consuming to integrate into approved curriculum. Data, project suggestions and NOAA resource links will be shared to assist in developing relevant problem based projects as evidenced in a recent STEM competition.