Autoethnography, Ethics, and a Principal’s Epiphanic Search for Self

Angelo State University
James F. Lane, Ed.D.
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Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Doing Autoethnography Conference
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Paper Presentation
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United States
In this autoethnographic discussion I will probe an evocative ethical dilemma I experienced as a novice middle school principal. I will frame the events through the multidimensional ethical frameworks of care, critique and justice described by Starratt (1994), which has provided a useful framework for my professional reflections and led to important personal and professional epiphanies. I will describe and capture the tensions within the dilemma as I analyzed the issues packed within. Through the autoethnographic application of this framework I experienced several epiphanies that made clear to me that my moral purpose as a middle school principal was to approach school leadership with a combination of compassion and justice in working for the greater good of those students who are most oppressed.