A Conceptual Framework for SMART Applications in Higher Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities

A Conceptual Framework for SMART Applications in Higher Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a critical scholarly publication that explores how the brain acquires and processes information to turn information into knowledge and the role of SMART technology and how it combines and integrates visual and aural data to facilitate learning. The book also discusses ways to apply what is known about teaching to how the brain operates and how to incorporate instructional design models into the teaching and learning process. Highlighting various topics such as neurogenesis, smart technologies, and behaviorism, this book is essential for instructional designers, online instruction managers, teachers, academicians, administrators, researchers, knowledge

The information explosion and the glut of data it is producing has reached
a bottleneck: more information than we can process. To compound the
problem, the doubling of information is occurring at ever shorter intervals. It is
estimated that the doubling will begin to take place every 12 hours. Realizing
that it took more than 1,000 years for information double at the beginning of
human history, this is indeed remarkable. Who knows what possibilities for
a better world and a better life may slip by unnoticed, buried in the flood of
information swept away unseen? Of course, evil events, as well, can slip away
before they are enacted. Nevertheless, we miss and shall miss more wonderful
opportunities that could arise from information that was not processed. How
can we identify and make use of such information that holds considerable
promise for humanity? Perhaps, it cannot be done, but we can become more
efficient and effective at finding, identifying, and using helpful information.
One approach is through education; however, a new paradigm must be found
to guide teaching and learning before education can be of more value to us.
This is the purpose of this book. The proposed conceptual framework could
provide a launching point for research into how we can learn to cope with
the information explosion and the changes to be shaped by it.
James O. Connelly
University of Phoenix, USA
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James O. Connelly and Paula Miller
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A Conceptual Framework for SMART Applications in Higher Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities
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