"Vocational Displacement And Specialized Generic Management With Alternatives

My humanitarian plight for the jewelry industry, specifically diamond high councel and camouflages a "specialized generic mangement with alternative" study. Specifically, through the unusual means of ecological validation and a taxonomic funneling system, my study emphasizes the interdependence of US nationals and foreign nationals for decision-making that Third World countries create.  The camouflaged specialized generic management study with alternatives applies to all industries and their respective sensitivities.  Also, the specialized generic management with alternatives applies to all countries who stifle decisions and seek help to stabilize in the US.  US stabilization occurs through the funneled taxonomies of culture, climate, citizenship, performance and resilience.  



The purpose of the exploratory case study is to understand the reasons why leaders lack considering ecological validity in the global diamond jewelry production process and high council for Kimberley Process certification improvements. Ecological validity is achieved by how plants and animals contribute to socio-economic improvement from vocational displacement of the diamond cut and polish to India, specifically concerning Namibia and Lesotho quality rough diamond suppliers and crafters. Three primary sources of data comprise of documents, focus group and interviews which triangulate under the Person Environment Fit Theory. Namibia and Lesotho officials represent globalized big data oversaturation as foreign nationals, that stifle decision-making and implementation, while executives and managers as nationals, the mediators, represent United States stabilization. The senior jewelry production agents are the interdependent foreign nationals and nationals. Elements of risk, motor and process skills, and naturalistic action moderate vocational displacement matters. The three highest percentages of a synonymous word and phrase analysis created the sixteen categories from respondent responses and funneled taxonomies through two question instruments, validated in field tests. For specialist generic alternative management, the researcher adds sensitive topic questions that are applicable to other industry delicacies and countries in need seeking aid from the United States, using radial approach. Respondent responses from Namibian officials redirect transfrontier conservation while LeSotho ambassadors diversify to textile and beverage manufacturing as vocational substitutions.

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Journal Article
Irena Bagdady DM
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Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences
Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences
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Thursday, July 23, 2020
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