Leveraging Cross-Center and Global Collaboration to Create a Better World Together

Leveraging Cross-Center and Global Collaboration to Create a Better World Together

Dr. Norris Krueger, CLSOR Senior Research Fellow, and Dr. Louise Underdahl, CEITR Research Fellow, represented the University of Phoenix at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Seattle (Hybrid), August 5-9, 2022.  Norris Krueger, Christina Theodoraki, and Maribel Guerrero organized the Professional Development Workshop (AOM PDW #12941), "Macro Meets Micro Meets . . . Meso? Microfoundations of Ecosystems; Macrofoundations of Mindset," presented on August 7, 2022.  
Speakers included Donald Siegel, Arizona State University, Ben Spigel, University of Edinburgh Business School, Gabi Kaffka, UMC Utrecht, Erik Monsen, University of Vermont, and Dianne Welsh, University of North Carolina- Greensboro.  Facilitators included Maksim Belitski, University of Reading, Giuliano Sansone, Prague University of Economics and Business, Bernd Wurth, University of Strathclyde, UK, Ieva Zebryte, ISM University of Management and Economics, Maribel Guerrero, Facultad de Economia y Negocios, UDD, and Laetitia Gabay-Mariani, ESSCA School of Management.  Panelists included Louise Underdahl and others.
Creating a better world together; creating a more entrepreneurial world together… emphasis on together. Building that more entrepreneurial world requires connecting and leveraging a diverse array of experts (and newcomers) from multiple disciplines, multiple countries, and from both macro and micro perspectives.  Isn’t it plausible that a great entrepreneurial ecosystem has profound effects on entrepreneurial learning?   Isn’t it plausible that a great entrepreneurial ecosystem arises from broad, deep diffusion of entrepreneurial mindset & skills?  
Audretsch years ago argued that the entrepreneurial capital of a community necessarily included both entrepreneurial human capital and entrepreneurial social capital.  Isn’t time to “Assemble the Avengers” and bring together all the right people to e-test how they interact? To have intense, joyous conversations about this?  Such “Meetings of the Minds” grew out of the Kauffman Foundation’s ESHIP initiative to nurture grassroots efforts that support healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems. These conclaves have happened at the last 3 AoMs, at ICSB, and at practitioner events.   Bring together top entrepreneurial champions (drawing on Seattle’s fascinating ecosystem), top policy experts like Victor Hwang, OECD & UN, the very best educator experts like Andy Penaluna with a diverse roster of top scholars (stars and rising stars).   
One very important example: Promoting diversity/inclusion, connecting under-represented problems helps the ecosystem mightily – what are the key mechanisms? And how might an ecosystem best support the engagement of underrepresented groups? (The US SBA’s new Community Navigator is one such strategy that requires both macro and micro– we invited its architects to join this PDW.)
For additional information, please contact Dr. Norris Krueger:  norris.krueger@gmail.com



Norris Krueger's picture Norris Krueger | August 9, 2022 1:42 pm MST

Thank you so much for joining us, Louise! 

The session was a difference-maker -- it illustrates the potential for ICE (and CLSOR) members to participate in high-level academic/pracademic events! 

It also illustrates the potential for UOPX itself to be a dfference-maker in entrepreneurial communities, especially those where our faculty,students & alumni live!


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