The sacred ground coloring book at union temple baptist church

About Union Temple Baptist Church – Sacred Grounds

        Union Temple Baptist Church founded by the late Reverend Chester R. Smallwood on July 6, 1967, and officially recognized by the Baptist Ministers Council of Washington and Vicinity as a Missionary Baptist Church in November 1967. In 1969 after a period illness, Reverend Smallwood was unable to continue service. Hence, Reverend Simon Beamon served, assisted by Reverend William Roundtree (September 1971- September 1972), and Reverend John Moss (September 1972 - February 1973). In March 1973, Reverend Willie F. Wilson called by 30 active assumed the Pastorate. In 1990, against incredible odds and opposition, Rev. Wilson led the construction of a $3.5 million church complex in the heart of Anacostia. With its Kente-stained glass windows, the church receives world acclaim for its 30-foot by 19-foot mural depicting the Last Supper. It not only has the image of a black Christ, but also has the twelve disciples depicted as twelve significant Africans and African Americans, among them Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Minister Louis Farrakhan. During Reverend Wilson’s many years of inspirational leadership, the membership has grown to over 8,000 and God continually adds to the church. Rev. Wilson has distinguished UTBC as one that is on the cutting edge of social, economic, and political changes with the church, community, and the world. Drawing upon African heritage and contemporary economics, UTBC integrates African culture into all aspects of the worship service, making talents and skills peculiar to our “African roots” and the Tribal System enhancements to the spiritual development, fellowship, communication, implementation of church program and policies, and to ensure the general welfare of the church and its members.

The incorporation of the following items has been recognized for preservation and significant to the African American experiences of those persons who lived in the Anacostia community from the time of slavery, residency of Frederick Douglass, and Solomon G Brown.

  1. Abstract Artwork from Ivory Coast
  2. Adinkra Symbols on Sanctuary Doors
  3. Copper Artworks created by LeRoy Lipford of Bibleway Temple, New Jersey Avenue, Washington, DC
  4. Designation of Plantation Site at Union Temple Baptist Church
  5. Iron Shackles from Cape Coast
  6. Million Man March Conference Room
  7. Lectern with Adinkra Symbol and Pulpit Banners written in Swahili 
  8. Pulpit Chairs designed by Maurice Jenkins and Ghanaian Craftsman
  9. Sacred Funeral Drum
  10. Stain Glass window designed by Maurice Jenkins and Created by Akili Anderson
  11. Time Series of African Americans Baptismal Ceremonies in St. Mary’s County, Maryland
  12. Union Temple Baptist Church Mural of the Last Supper painted by Maurice Jenkins (1970 circa)
  13. UTBC Hall of History Photo Montage, and
  14. Walking Staff given to Rev. Willie F. Wilson by Nigerian visitor.


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The sacred ground coloring book at union temple baptist church
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