Knowledge Management’s Next Frontier: Analysing Unstructured Content: Using Visual Analytics to Develop Organizational Knowledge


Organizational knowledge remains an important and valuable corporate asset. Knowledge Management must therefore continuously strife to improve the discipline in both theory and practice. Recent advances in KM thinking and practice have been limited and it appears that most knowledge management processes have reached a level of maturity. This paper explores the primary elements of the knowledge management process and concludes that the analytical and knowledge creation process of Knowledge Management can be significantly improved through the use of visual analytical tools.

A grounded theory research methodology was adopted since there is a lack of prior research in the area where visual analytics were used in analysing vast amounts of textual data in order to create organizational knowledge. Customer complaints records from the retail and insurance industries were obtained and used as case studies to demonstrate how vast amounts of text data can be visually analysed to assist with analytical interpretation and decision-making.

The research concluded that visual analytical tools can play a significant role in creating organizational knowledge and simultaneously improve the analytical process of Knowledge Management. Visual Analytics is a highly relevant emerging field and it offers many applied research and practical opportunities to advance the field of Knowledge Management.


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Conference Proceedings
Van Niekerk, H.J.
Pretorius, A.
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ICKM 2012 Conference Paper
Date Published: 
Thursday, September 6, 2012
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Sandton, Johannesburg
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