Why Complete Your Research Hub Profile

The Benefits of Completing Your Research Hub Profile

With so many personal and professional social networks available to faculty, students, and alumni, it can be difficult to justify completing another social profile. Rather than viewing profile completion as another “to do” item, consider completion of your profile on the Research Hub as a step toward personal and career success. That’s the goal here, after all.

Here’s what we mean:


The most obvious value in completing your profile within the Research Hub is in its public nature. While registered users can choose to be hidden from the site directory (and therefore search engines such as Google and Bing), your profile and any content you add to the site – including Publications – are personally identifiable and publicly displayed. This is intentional; it paves the way for promotion of the great work being done within the University as well as allowing research faculty to demonstrate their experience and interests.

The Research Hub also gives you a place to send people when you encounter those who are curious about your research or with whom you may have similar goals. You can provide them a link to your profile or any other published work within the site. Think of it as a digital business card for your research to date!

Pathways to Collaboration

Regardless of whether you’re interested in finding mentorship, support from other researchers, shovel-ready projects, fellowship opportunities, or possibilities for funding, the Research Hub offers information and opportunities to its users via these research center communities.

By affiliating with a Research Center, you’re a member of a built-in support group that allows for discussion and opportunities around your research interests. The more you explore the site as a user, the more opportunity you will find. Perhaps you are looking to grow a multi-disciplinary research project (a common trend today); if so, a simple search of the site or user directory will give you an idea of who might be a fit, what they’re up to currently, and how to reach them.

Contact your Center Leadership directly for more information about current and upcoming research opportunities.

Academic Review

The Research Hub profile is a significant part of the academic review process that is currently being developed. Faculty will use the Research Hub profile to demonstrate their scholarship activities and expertise to date.

To learn more about the Academic Review process, contact the team at academicreview@phoenix.edu.

Build Committees

As we continue to improve and refine our dissertation practices the Research Hub profile will become an increasingly instrumental tool in the matching of chairs, committee members, and students.

The profile is designed to allow each party to clearly display their interests and affiliations to help form high-functioning committees. With time, more features will be added to further streamline this process.

What are you waiting for? Visit our new user tutorial to get started building your profile today!