User Privacy Questions and Answers

User Privacy Questions and Answers

What happens when I click the “Display in Directory” button on the Edit Profile screen?

This checkbox allows your profile to show up in the directory. Once a profile is visible on the directory, it is accessible by major search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo) and therefore may come up in results when individuals search online using your name.

How much of my profile is available to the public?

Currently, the following items are available ONLY to other logged in users.

  • Contact information, including your email and phone number
  • CV
  • Office hours
  • Degrees completed
  • Academic Appointments
  • Courses Taught
  • Honors and Awards
  • Professional Education
  • Funding Awards

The remainder of your profile’s content is available to the public, including your location, profile photo, publications and presentations, and so on. To review, visit your user profile while logged out of the site.

Can I have a private profile and be an active member of the site?

The profiles are intended to be a public resource, which is why we’ve worked to privatize certain elements, but not all. Our goal within the Research Hub is to allow faculty, students, and prospective parties to connect based on common research interests.

In order to do this, we make our faculty and their research interests a key element of the site. To be a truly active member, your profile and the information it contains need to be searchable using the directory.

What if I want to keep my profile private from Google or other search engines?

Unless required by the academic reivew process, if you do not want your information accessible to major search engines, do not select the “Display in Directory” button while completing your profile. This will restrict visibility of your profile from the directory and search engines, though your profile will still be displayed and linkable and can serve as an online resource. It will also be linked to by any Blog Entry, or Forum Topic you create within the site.

If your profile has already been set to display in the directory and you uncheck the "Display in Directory" checkbox, it will no longer display in the directory but may continue to return on search results within Google and other major search engines. 


Cornelius Chapman's picture Cornelius Chapman | February 10, 2017 1:41 am MST

I would like to join the University of Phoenix Research Community and network with likeminded individuals within the research community.


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Dr. Cornelius Chapman, DM/IST