Research Hub Posting Guidelines

Research Hub Posting Guidelines

This site is intended to be a place to discuss active research projects and the scholarly aspects of the work of researchers here in the Hub.

What to Post Where

  • Opinions: Conjecture and opinion are best placed within your user blog. This requires moderation from the moderator of the group to which you've submitted. Comment options make this is a great place to launch meaningful discussion. How to add a blog entry
  • Forum Topics: Discussion topics work best here. How to add a forum topic
  • News: This is intended for objective announcements and information related to a Center, the University, or a specific researcher. How to post news.

Off-Topic and Internal Discussion Items

Items that do not fit the criteria noted at the top are subject to edit or removal from the site. This applies to all content types as well as comments that are off-topic, unproductive, or offensive.

Content touching on the following topics is subject to additional approvals:

  • IRB, QRF, QRM, and other review processes and committees
  • Dissertation, Curriculum, and Residency
  • Academic Review
  • Internal policies and processes
  • Research participation solicitations

For assistance in posting a call for research study participation visit the Be a Research Participant section.

The University has provided the PhoenixConnect communities, including the SAS Faculty community, to provide a space for discussions regarding internal process and practices around them. Faculty are encouraged to move helpful articles that are not approved for external use to that space.

Restricted Content

The following items are prohibited within the Research Hub:

  • Program information
  • Guidance regarding IRB, COR, dissertation, faculty training, and other internal processes that are not provided and/or approved by a University SME (see above)