How to Use the Tags Field

Using the Tags Field

As a logged in user adding content to the site, you will find the 'tags' field throughout the site. This field is designed to create landing pages linking related content. There is one central list of tags covering all forms of content.

Adding Existing Tags to Your Content or Profile

  1. Begin typing your first keyword into the blank field. Image below.
  2. As you type, a drop-down will appear with predictions based on the letters(word) you're typing. These are existing tags.
  3. In the drop-down, find the closest term(s) to your keyword and select it with your cursor. 
  4. The keyword will appear in the field. To add additional tags, enter a comma and begin the process again.
  5. For existing tags, you must select a tag from the drop-down for it to show up in the field.

Adding New Tags

 Registered users can add new tags as they go, but the list is already several hundreds of tags long so in order for your content to show up in related searches, it's worth reviewing what is available before saving the tags with your published item. We encourage users to use similar tags instead of creating new tags when possible.  

  • Double-check your spelling; there is no way to edit the tag once it is created. 
  • Use commas (,) to separate tags. 
  • Avoid periods, quotations, and other punctuation. Excluding hyphens, tags should not contain punctuation.
  • Do not add acronyms.  Write the word out and add the acronym in ( ).  Acronyms should only be used if they are established and in use elsewhere.  Example:  United States (US)


Blank Tags Field

Adding Existing Tags

Final View Before Publishing or Saving

Published View

Adding Tags to Your Profile

The field titled "Areas of Research Interest" in your Profile (Edit Profile screen > My Research Tab) functions identically to the Tags fields described above. It displays on your profile.