How to Save Your Profile If You Receive Errors

Addressing Errors While Saving Your Profile

Users attempting to save their profile may receive errors with unclear causes. Below are the most common errors and how to address them.

If you have continued issues trying to save your profile, please contact

Location is Not Valid

This is due to a malfunction in "zip code" field in  the location section of the user profile. There is no requirement that your location be included. You can omit the zip code or the entire address, if preferred. 

There are No Entities Matching

This error occurs when users add publications, presentations, scholarly activity, courses, and other fields that auto-populate. If you receive this error, there are a few possible causes but the reason for the message is that the item you've added to the list is not valid. 

Each of these fields pulls from a known piece of content on the site. They are not text fields in which you can paste information (for example from your CV). You have to either add a new content item (publication, presentation, scholarly activity) or begin typing to select from the available items (courses, research center projects, other users).