How to Rearrange List Items

Rearranging List Items

Some sections of the site allow the user to rearrange the order of items listed. For example, users registered as faculty can rearrange the order of the courses taught on their profile. To determine if you're able to rearrange the order of an item on your profile, look for the 'hamburger' icon* shown below:

You can use this icon to single-click and drag items to reorder them. Be sure to save any changes when completed.

For some browsers there is also the option to order items numerically, if preferred. To access the number rankings, click the "Show row weights" label shown below to toggle between the hamburger option and numeric rankings. It will be to the top-right of the section you are trying to reorder.

* The order items the following items are displayed is based on recency: publications, presentations, scholarly activity.