How to Promote Your Content on the Hub

Promoting Content on the Hub

Below is a review of the standard process for research affiliates interested in sharing information on the Research Hub for maximum visibility. The site has a lot of content in it, with more added every day, and serves a very broad audience that is not always aware of how much can be found on the site. The best way to draw attention to your work within your Center is to be strategic and work directly with your Chair to promote it.  

  1. Publish to the Research Hub in its appropriate place. If you have questions about the best place to put something, please consult the help section at or reach out to your center leadership.

    • Announcements should be added as "News" items, which will then go to your group manager for approval.
    • Adding blog entries, events and any other item that requires moderator approval will automatically notify your center’s moderator.
    • Once approved, you’ll receive notification and be able to view it from the link provided.
    • Refer to our design guidelines to make sure the title is appealing to readers and that the content itself is easy to find thanks to quality title, summary, and tagging.
  2. For items of special interest, reach out to your Chair or his/her support admin. This is especially useful for calls for participation, new projects, special events, announcements, and so forth. The chairs and/or their support admins are able to post news items to the center home page and leverage the distribution list to send out email newsletters.
  3. For items you’d like more broadly shared, such as on the home page or across multiple research centers, please work with your chair or web admin who will then notify the site administrator directly. Working up the chain ensures your Center’s leadership is fully aware, eliminates redundancy, and may mean opportunities for wider publicity such as via the monthly Research Hub newsletter or working with our marketing and public relations teams for media coverage.

 For additional support, please contact